A couple of days ago, I took the initiative to get rid of everything distracting me majorly from my work and from actually spending time doing something worthwhile. I logged out of tumblr (my password is forever lost in the wind), I deactivated my facebook and got rid of facebook messenger so, now, I’m down to the basics of technological communication and, if I want news on Michael Fassbender’s smile, I have to physically search for it, meaning I’m not just scrolling monotonously through all the crap on my tumblr dashboard.

Although I’m still heavily procrastinating half of the time, it feels so much cleaner to not have facebook hanging over me all day. Even when you don’t notice, you will open up facebook and just scroll for a few minutes before you realise you’re back to the same memes and photos of your friends’ cat but, now, I feel slightly more purposeful in my actions. 

If you want to detox, getting rid of social media is a good start. No more notifications bugging me to check them, no more adverts clogging up my free time and, hopefully, more time to write, work or read. 


4 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. If I removed all the things that distracted me from doing something productive – I would end up sat in a totally empty room, in a totally empty house, in a totally empty life. Removing the things that distract you may only serve to make you look for other distractions. The problem is more that we allow ourselves to get distracted; and that is what needs addressing. I think eliminating possible ones like Facebook etc helps. But if you are purposeful in what you are trying to do, hell, high water or free chocolate giveaways outside of your home would not move you.
    (Apart from maybe the latter.)
    I like your sentiment though. Made me think…

    • Oh it’s not as if I’m not grotesquely distracted, still. I’ve just spent a good hour rearranging the folders on my laptop, I’m only slightly ashamed to say. Hopefully I can get my mind out of this dip in motivation, my college curriculum is just sucking all the life out of my brain. Although, free chocolate sounds good, that may motivate me… Thank you very much!

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